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I am a mother of three boys and one girl, my youngest son Walker is developmentally delayed with no diagnosis, I am divorced and re-married, living life as I never imagined. I may be cynical, but I try to see the world as it is.... no frills but plenty of laughs.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Day 19: Something you miss

As my 36th birthday quickly approaches I have really begun to notice the affects of aging on my body .  Sure I've had some grey hair, and maybe a laugh line or too, no big deal right? But i've begun to notice other things that are aging as well.  Take my hands for example. They have the battle scars of kitchen accidents, and knuckle cracking. My feet also show signs of many miles that they have walked. Even my thieghs show signs of aging from the many pounds lost and gained, to be lost again.  Mostly though, I miss my perfect B cup breasts.

yup, I said it!  After breastfeeding four children and ample pounds lost and gained to be lost again, they aren't quite the perky perfection of my youth!  On top of missing their actual physical appearance, I missed the opportunity to show them off to the world when i did have them!  Call it my secret exhibitionist but there's something tantalizing about wearing a perfectly white t-shirt braless that I will never be able to enjoy!  When I did have the body that i miss, i was to busy being modest and shy. Not wanting people to judge me based on my appearance.  Now that those possibilities are gone, I miss them. Sure you can say plastic surgery is still out there, but really..... I'm not that vain!

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