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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Day 4: Your parents or siblings

I am the second oldest of four daughters but we are all very spread out.  There is five years between myself and the oldest, then the next one is seven years younger than I and the baby is 11 years younger.  That is a span of 16 years between us.  Growing up I wasn't very close with any of them.  I idolized Amy, my older sister, tormented her by stealing all of her things and just wanted to be just like her.  When Rebecca came along I felt slighted and she got the brunt of my frustrations.  Honestly, I wasn't very nice to her and it wasn't her fault!  Kimberly, the baby sister, was the apple of my eye and was a toddler during my the year that I got my first camera.  As a budding photographer she was the subject of rolls and rolls of film!

As we aged and moved out of the house, my older sister and I became very close.  We even lived next door to each other during a very tumultuous  period in both of our lives and we were the glue that kept each other together. 

The event that truly pulled all four of us together as a unit was our trip to Jamaica!  It was the first time that all four us were together for an extended length of time as adults.  We tagged ourselves the "fabulous four".

Since that vacation we have all drifted in and out of each others lives depending on the obstacles we each are facing.  We all have different attributes that we bring to the table and the dynamics shift based on those.  I know that in the future things will shift again, but the four of us are together, as blood and as sisters.

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