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I am a mother of three boys and one girl, my youngest son Walker is developmentally delayed with no diagnosis, I am divorced and re-married, living life as I never imagined. I may be cynical, but I try to see the world as it is.... no frills but plenty of laughs.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Day 13: Goals

What a loaded topic!  Goals are something that I am constantly setting, changing and hopefully achieving.  I feel that I am not doing myself any justice if I don't set goals. Recently a goal I set was running in my first 10k.  I was able to complete it in 1 hour and 7 mins, which is approxiametly a 10:55 min mile.  I was pretty happy with it! 

On a more serious note, as of late I have been struggling with a goal I set for myself seven years ago.  It was a goal to return to school and get my degree and find a more soul full filling career path.  Its really weighing on me that I still haven't completed it.  Sure, life has gotten in the way, two small children a house and marriage.  But I am at the point where I just want to get on with my life!  So, I am returning to grad school this fall, and I am still trying to find an entry level position in a non-profit to get my feet in the door and build some work experience that will coincide with my educational credentials.

In the mean while, today's goal is the get the stack of papers and books next to my bed in some logical order!  With each small goal I set, it allows me to have patience with the larger ones!

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