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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Day 11: A tv show you're addicted to

We are the anomaly of the 21st century, we are a family that only owns one tv.  Yes, you read that right, 1 TV. I know, I know its hard to conceive but since our house is appropriately 900 sq feet there really seems to be no reason to add more noise than we already have. So the option of having a tv show that I am addicted to is very limited.  We recently added a DVR to our cable package and that has made the world of difference for me.  Not only can I record the shows I like but have become accustomed to watching them sans commercials! 

There is one show that I do actually sit and watch at the time it is aired (this is a BIG deal!) and that is Criminal Minds.  I love the twisted plots, the suspense and the crew of characters!  Its like reading a Steven King novel in an hour!  Perfect!

Penelope is the bomb!  I love her wardrobe and quirky sense of humor, and must admit that I totally crush on Derek Morgan! I know a few friends that I would characterize as Dr. Spencer Reid and like to pretend that I share commonalities with Emily Prentiss.

The ground rules are clear: When the show is on, no talking except for commercials, all child rearing duties are put on hold or passed to the other adults in the house, and repeats are treating with the same respect!

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