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I am a mother of three boys and one girl, my youngest son Walker is developmentally delayed with no diagnosis, I am divorced and re-married, living life as I never imagined. I may be cynical, but I try to see the world as it is.... no frills but plenty of laughs.

Friday, July 30, 2010

A Sunday Hike

In my quest to lose some weight and just become a healthier person, I talked my hubby into going for a hike in the glorious Minnawaska Moutains nearby.  Yes, i had to talk him into it, because on his day off, exercise isn't really a top priority.  The man does manual labor everyday of his life, so he doesn't really see the need to add steps on his pedometer, but he is a man who loves the woods.

We headed out not knowing exactly what to expect, it had been years since I was last there, and honestly was under the influence of some natural herbal supplements that my memories are a little foggy.  but as we headed down the trail, the beauty of this place filled me.  I don't think it matters how many times you go , it is breathtaking each time!

We walked down the path to the falls, and for a Sunday afternoon, I was surprised that more people weren't out.  Hubby reminded me that there is a lake on top, where most people would go to enjoy a hot July afternoon.  So all the better! 

With Poo on my back and daddy holding Mr. Mr. it wasn't too bad on the way down.  But we timed it all wrong and as the minute hand turned to 1:00pm, Mr. Mr. was ready for a nap.  Plus he had a full belly and with all the bumping while walking, it was starting to come up again, so we had to make our hike short and head back. 
As we headed back up the hill, and I mean, UP the hill, Mr. Mr. decided that since he had the most comfortable ride he would take it upon himself to snooze right there!
Must be nice!
Not sure what we will do in a short while since the boy keeps growing and eating!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The thick or thin of it

I have a love hate relationship with my body image.  Some days, I am "happy to be me" no matter what size I am because I believe that strong personal confidence is much more healthy on the soul than muscle mass.  But then other days i long for that skinny me, that I know is hiding in there somewhere! I have seen her in the past and I like her.  She looks super cute in hippy sundresses and skorts.  Also, the Calvin Kline jeans that I paid $60 bucks for are worth every penny on a tight ass.

Now i am not about to go on a rant about all the diets I have tried, because that would be a down out lie!  Truthfully, I have only really done one diet, Weight Watchers and it worked really, really well! The reason it works is only because it controls portion sizes, helps you eat a balanced diet and makes you track not only what you eat but your progress.  This diet (they don't want it called a diet, its really a life style) only works, and I stress, only works if you stick to program and if you are honest with yourself.

Sticking to the program is a problem when your social life centers around food like ours does.  We eat out a lot and have really gotten into the habit of bad food choices on a regular basis. (hence why I am bigger than I have ever been!) So the toughest part is getting out of those habits and creating new ones.  Its not just me that has to change its a household. 

This week i have already begun to hear the "there's nothing in the house" groans as my two tweens have searched for their perfect snack and have only found the fruit and vegetables that I purchased instead of the oreos and chips that usually fill my cabinets. 

Its only the second week so we shall see how progress goes.  I have calculated that I have to be on "program" for a full year to lose the weight that I want to lose.  I guess then it will truly be a life style change.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Bye to an old friend

Saying goodbye to an old friend is bitter sweet.  One one hand you feel that you are losing a part of yourself, a part of your history but on the other hand you want all the best and wish them well and happiness!

Yesterday the boys, poo and i went to see a dear friend that is moving away down south.  I was thinking a lot about our friendship over the past nine years.  We went from seeing each other everyday for four years, to only catching up with one another when major life events happen.  She is the only woman who worked with me that still actually likes me!  (see previous blog)

We have seen each other go through marriage, divorce, dis-engagement, marriage, four children a handful of jobs, graduations from college, business adventures and friends lost and gained.  She has always been someone I knew I could count on when the going got tough.  No judgment, just a strong shoulder to lean on. I hope that she feels the same about me.

As her family is packing up and sorting through what to keep and move and what to throw away, I hope that our memories and my address are not tossed.  I know that the distance will make it even harder to stay in touch, but luckily technology can keep us connected.

I wish her and her family all the best!  Good Luck, you will be missed!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Natural meditation

I've always been one to enjoy meditation.  I learned about ten years ago that its affects on my mind and body are immense.  The issue is that I don't always make it a priority and therefor can find everything else to do than take time out to meditate.  Who can truly enjoy solitude when there are screaming children, arguing brothers, dogs barking and lawn mowers in the yard?

As the summer months came upon us, I began keeping an eye on the wild raspberry bushes in my mother in laws yard.  Last year I was just a few days late on getting to them, just to find that mother nature ate most or the rest were molded and dropped on the ground.   So this year I was intent on getting to them at the right moment.

Last year my mother and I also took a class on making jelly and jams at the Cornell Cooperative Extension campus in town. We didn't get to use the knowledge that we acquired so I am really focused on making up some good 'ole raspberry jam! 

One week ago, my husband and I set out to his mother's house to finally pick the sacred berries.  Half way there, I realized I forgot my plastic tub.  Luckily, his mother allowed me to use the berry pot that for a few generations has been used to gather berries.  It truly is the perfect pot!  It has a handle that allows you to slip it over your arm while picking through the thorns for the delicate prize.Delicate, they are!  They will crumble in your hands with the slightest bit of pressure, and their juice will leave your hands sticky.

The process itself was what really hooked me.  It is in its own way, meditation. It is a repetitive task that allows you to be in the thick of the woods and focus just on the fruit.  I couldn't help but think as I was picking that mother nature is beautiful.  That she provides for the earth and how lucky we are to reap her rewards.  

I also could understand how people can get lost in the woods while berry picking.  You become so focused on the next pick, the perfect berry that you could lose your bearings and finally look up and see nothing but green.

Last night we returned to gather more that were not ripe last week and I must say we have quite a bounty! It was also great to be in the woods of my husband's youth and see his excitement retelling the tales of rabbit hunting and camp fires.

The next step is actually making the jam so I'll keep you posted!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

A Walk on the Moon

Today while channel surfing while nursing Miss Poo, I came across a movie I never heard of.  It intrigued me since it took place during Woodstock and thought, why not. 

Okay, so its totally a girlie movie, but the sound track rocked!  It also made me cry... a lot....

For the rest of the day, I kept thinking about it and not sure if I should like it or not, because in truth I hate the idea of adultery, but a small part of me, understood why the wife did what she did.   I think everyone who is married could understand a small piece of it, since it is so easy to get caught up in the daily routine, the mundane.... who doesn't fantasize about running away and being carefree?  Its nothing against my husband, honestly a girl really can't do better than he, but somedays life as a movie doesn't seem so bad.  It didn't help that the sex scenes were incredible and the co -star was hot.

but lets face it, life isn't a movie and its really the normal everyday stuff that is hard. Sticking through that is the wonder of marriage and what strengthens character.  A while back I quoted a television show that the main character said "romance is easy, its the parent teacher conferences that are tough"... so true....   

Friday, July 16, 2010

Joy Ride

With Mr. Mr. in school, I have fully intended on getting out and getting some exercise.  I am at my highest weight ever (besides pregnancy) and really need to do something about it.  Watching my mother inject her diabetic medication on vacation really hit me that I need to  get my weight and sugars under control otherwise that will be me.

So off Poo and I went this morning to the Heritage trail with my friend Kelly's bike.
Originally it was going to be the boys as well but they went to their dad's early so instead of mopping around at home i decided that we would give it a shot. 

We did really great! We rode from Goshen to Chester and back which is about 8 miles.  Poo wouldn't keep her helmet on (hence why it is hanging on the side) but we will keep practicing it!

It was a good workout but the bike is a little too big for me (Kelly is about 5 inches taller than me!) so i think my husband will allow me to get my own!  Very exciting!  I figure it will cost me just about what three months of a family membership will at the Y, so why not? (pun intended)