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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Day 20: Nicknames you have

All my life I've hated my name because there was no other form in which I could change it to.  Jill, just plain Jill.  Not Jillian. I repeat NOT Jillian.  I had a 6th grade teacher, whom I loathed, who insisted on calling me Jillian.  When my mother showed up for the parent teacher conference and she called me that, my mother informed her that " her name is Jill, if i wanted you to call her Jillian I would have named her Jillian".  I think that is when my mother became my hero instead of my enemy. 

Another name has crept up time and again in my life. It pops up with new people who never knew I had them to begin with.  Jilly Bean, is a common one.  Otherwise, its mom, mamma.  So far, my two year old doesn't realize that I have another name, she just adds my last name to mamma.  (pretty cute)

Then there are the nicknames that I try to get people to call me but they just don't stick: My Queen, or Mi Rena (spanish version), sex kitten, Coolest Mom... but I keep trying!

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