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Friday, January 29, 2010

Question to my fellow females

I have often been discribed as a feminist, hell, if you ask my father I am part of the man hating club, but seriously, i have always been one to not be defined by society's gender roles.  But I often wonder if our fore-mothers really did us all a favor by gaining equal rights?  Now, I could certainly get into a whole blog about the inequality still in today's society, but that is not where I wanted this blog to head.

This morning, I drove my older two children to school, picked up the mail, got Walker a haircut, went back to the school for a science presntation and picked up our farm fresh milk all by 10am.  Meanwhile, my husband was home waiting for me to return so that I could transfer some funds into our banking account so that he could go and purchase truck parts.  I then had to call the town clerk to locate my runaway dog and will have to head back out to pay the fines, and pick him up at the local shelter.  I can't help but think... why do I have to do everything?  I can remember my ex husbands grandmother telling me one day, that she felt sorry for our generation of women, because we were not only expected to handle all the house work and original womanly roles, but now we had to also juggle bringing home the bacon. 

So I ask my fellow females, did we do it to ourselves?


duchesspandora said...
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Duchess said...

I have often thought this very same thing!!! My mom, who was a part of the whole Women's Equal Rights generation gets very confused by my current duties as a stay at home mom...she doesn't understand why, if I am to live sort of like a 1950's housewife why my husband doesn't have the duties of a 1950's husband.

chaosdiaries said...

I've wondered the same thing. Back in the 1950s, most families did just fine on one income. It seems that once the two-income family became the norm, the cost of living rose to compensate, so that now it's much harder to get by on just Dad's paycheck.