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Monday, January 4, 2010

Goodbye house

In less than two weeks we will be moving. This step has been a roller coaster ride for the last year and I'm am looking forward to finally getting off the ride. The way my brain works is that once I make a decision I set my mind to not look back. I am a full fledge commitment type (which may seem strange since I divorced my ex) however I don't want to cloud all of my memories with this house on negative energy.

Buying this house was the main reason I let down my guard and picked a date to marry Ramiah. We had been engaged but I wasn't 100% sure I wanted to commit again. But, I figured since we were buying a house, he couldn't get rid of my anyways!!

This house was where our family emerged with Kawi, Duke, Walker and Sawyer. And even though it is way too small for us anymore, there are a few points in the house that I will miss.

I will miss the little shelf that is over our staircase in the kitchen which was the perfect spot to put my plants

I will miss the shelves above the kitchen cabinets which afforded me the space to display all of my glass bottle collection

The five minute commute to both my mother's and sister's houses.

Our Sunday breakfast deli, just down the road.

The yellow rose bush Ramiah planted for me for Mother's day.

The perfect rock that we placed by our driveway.

The sneaky side door that only leads the basement but keeps solicitors guessing!

I know we will create new memories and I embrace the change but for the next week or so, I will pay my respects to our little house.

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