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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Goals and Dreams

Inspired by my new friends over at The Crazy Hip Bloggers who have a weekly challenge to Write out loud! This week's theme is Goals and Dreams for 2010 and even though I am usually not one to follow suite I can't help myself!

This week especially is a great time to outline my goals and dreams for the new year. We are moving this weekend and it will start a new chapter in our life. So here I will out to the universe my Goals and Dreams!

1) make a decision about Grad school
2) have a smooth transition for Walker into Preschool
3) re-ignite my artistic flair
4)pay off that last credit card!!
5)give my husband more sex (he deserves it!!)
6) get back to one on one dates with my older sons

1) to move forward in my grieving process
2) to train Duke not to sleep on my furniture!!
3) to get Walker to a better place either physically, mentally or emotionally

I'm sure that I could list 100 more things on each list but I like to keep things manageable.

So there it is Universe

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