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Monday, February 1, 2010

Pediatrician appointment

Today was Walker's pediatrican appointment.  Since he is 27 months he wasn't due for a wellness check up but did need to complete his vaccinations.  I am not against them, just like to space them out (which  is for another blog entirely!)

Things were going well until I opened my mouth about us investigating Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy for Walker. I should have known better!  I like my pediatricians for the most part, but they have always been and will always be very conservative for my taste.  In the past when we have talked about aroma therapy, they have been clue less and not very supportive.  At the time it didn't bother me, since I felt confident in my experiences with using oils that their opinion didn't steer me.  They were also skeptical about changing Walker's diet to Gluten free, diary free and soy free, yet everyone around him has seen the remarkable difference!   So again I am not sure why I even opened my mouth!  He wasn't against it, he did not really have much to say except that in theory he didn't think that it would be beneficial to Walker, that it wouldn't make him "whole". Yes, he said WHOLE!   So then I found myself in a position to defend my reasoning's.  I hate when this happens!  Why must I defend anything that could possibly help my son?  Why do people think that because I want to try experimental things that it is in an attempt of making Walker "normal"?  Just because I want to provide him with every opportunity to feel better, does not mean that I am not accepting of his condition!  Would they think the same thing if my older sons were not feeling well and we tried different things?  Is his condition or his worth of a person not good enough to go the extra mile? And at what point does a parent stop looking for help? My husband and I have made a decision that we will not do anything too invasive for Walker, especially if it is experimental or will not change anything anyways.  Here is something that is on the cutting edge of medicine and is non invasive.  So why not give it a try?

Maybe I need to find a new pediatrician... maybe i should start by doing interviews!


Courtney said...

That's got to be so frustrating. Good for you for sticking to your guns! Sometimes the medical community is arrogant and close minded. I hope you find a doctor that suits your needs!

Anonymous said...

We had a similiar reaction from our pediatrician when we tried to discuss HBOT for our son with cerebral palsy. My wife and I had the same conversation about finding a new ped. but in the end we stuck with her. Mainly because, though she may not have the same ideas about therapy as we do, she is a good ped. when it comes to everything else. We have the same issues with any physician we have seen and "experimental" therapies and we have change from some and kept on with others. In the end, we are the parents that decide to do HBOT, Cranial Sacral, Chiropractic, Aquatic Therapy, PT, OT, and delayed vaccinations schedule because we are the ones that live with him, not a doctor or a therapist that doesn't/won't take the time to look into alternative therapies.

On a side note, giving our son a bath was a very trying experience for the first year of his life. It started to get better after HBOT and now he enjoys taking a bath. I am not saying that HBOT is the key to good bath times because the effects are different for everyone. But I think it decrease some of his sensory issues.

My wife keeps a blog at www.rojosjourney.com if you want to read some more.

Good luck.

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