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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Baby steps

Having a son with sensory issues is a challenge everyday.  There are so many things that all of us do on a daily basis that we take for granted, that we tune in or tune out in order to go about what we need to do.  Walker has a lot of sensory issues, and they seem to sneak up on me when I am least expecting them. One of his biggest issues is bath time.  Since he was an infant he has hated his bath!  I always figured that it was my fault since the night I put too much peppermint oil in  his bath. He must have felt like a dentyne breath strip from head to toe and I felt so horrible!  But after he started receiving OT services and pool therapy I realized that he hates it for a variety of reasons.  With the number of "poop explosions" that we have in this house, being able to give Walker a bath without it being a major traumatic experience would be a huge help!  Currently, he takes a shower with his dad and this seems to be okay, but most explosions seem to happen when daddy isn't here to take him in the shower.

So if you have a child with sensory issues than there is no need to read further, but if you don't please read through this and you can get an idea of how small steps are needed to get him in the tub, we are working with his OT therapist and we are having small successes.

Step 1 : lots and lots of joint  compressions
Step 2  : fill the bath tub while he is in another room (the noise really echoes while it runs into the tub)
Step 3 ; bring bath chair out into living room and set Walker in it, while doing joint compressions
Step 4: remove clothes except diaper and continue joint compressions while in bath chair
Step 5: carry Walker while sitting in chair into the bathroom
Step 6 ; hover bath chair over tub and let Walker's feet dangle into tub while making funny noises as a distraction
Step 7: slowly place Walker and bath seat into tub
Step 8: remove diaper and use wash clothe to wet Walker while making funny noises
Step 9: montior facial expressions and pull him out of tub in chair if any look of panic begins

The trick is to end this on a good note.  And as you can figure we still haven't gotten to the step that allows me to actually wash him. This process takes about 30 mins, we have only been able to do it 4 times in the last three weeks. Baby steps....

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