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I am a mother of three boys and one girl, my youngest son Walker is developmentally delayed with no diagnosis, I am divorced and re-married, living life as I never imagined. I may be cynical, but I try to see the world as it is.... no frills but plenty of laughs.

Friday, February 26, 2010


That's right, I'm done.... finished... finito' with this whole snow thing! 

Being a snow widow does have its perks, my husband is gone for days on end which means, I don't have to shave my legs, hell... I don't even have to shower! I get to watch all of my favorite tv shows even if they are repeats, and I've had lucky charms for dinner the last two nights. 

But I am done!  One can only make so much conversation with two children under the age of 3! We've danced in the living room, played name that smell... have read every baby book on the shelf...

I need adult contact....

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