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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Simple Things

In honor of Valentines Day and the Crazyhipbloggers I thought i would list out the top ten Simple Things my husband does to show his love for me!

  1. Ben and Jerry's - he brings me home my favorite ice cream when  I've had a rough day!
  2. He kisses me everytime he comes in the door and each time before he leaves.. even if he is just taking out the garbage.
  3. He moves the truck closer to the house so I don't have to carry both babies out in the snow a long way.
  4. He will leave me notes around the house to tell me he loves me.
  5. He lets me have the last glass of milk, the last cookie or the last scoop of pototoes.
  6. He lets me scratch off all of his instant lottery tickets.
  7. He calls me in the middle of the day to say he loves me and see how my day is going.
  8. He covers me up at night with extra blankets when it it cold.
  9. He shaved my legs for me last summer when I was too pregnant to reach my legs!
  10. He cuts up my meat at dinner when my hands are too full with babies, so that I can eat too.
All of these things are simple but they add up to one great guy! Yes, I am lucky and yes, I am spoiled!!

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Courtney said...

Beautiful! I love it!!!