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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Fingers are crossed.

Yesterday I took my son to see a Homeopathic Doctor. I was mainly looking to get some help and assistance with his diet. Since he was born, he has battled with reflux and constipation. The doctors that have seen him in the past, have just prescribed stool softners and Zantac. As I have been researching different areas in hopes to help him with his developmental delays, I have become more educated with the off the radar medical research that has been going on mainly for children with autism. Although, I don't belive that he has autism, I am not, however, convinced that there isn't anything metobolic going on.

My appointment was in her office, which is located in her home on a quiet country road. Right away I was glad I didn't bring my husband. (He is very sceptical of all doctors!) Her office was warm and inviting. She herself, presented herself well and we met her little dog Annabell.

She tested him for food allergies, by getting out boxes that contained vials, and touching them one at a time and using her intuition. (I am assuming because she really didn't explain it to me) But what she found to be sensitivites, did agree with what I had already thought. Maybe I am just desperate to help him! I don't know. Throughout our session, I was trying to maintain a positive attitude. A few of the things she did, I was sceptical, but there is that part of me that doesn't want to interfer or jinx anything! We left with a list of food avoidances, a protien supplement (which i really wanted) and a detox supplement for mercury. So now I am charting it out and we will see. I am not expecting miracles, I know he will not get up and walk tomorrow, but even if it helps him feel better, than it is worth it!

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kellygrob said...

I wish you lots of luck and hope it works for the little guy. We are taking Olivia to a Holistic lady on Wednesday to get help with her never ending ear infections and congestion. All the doctors want to do is put her on more medication and it cannot be good for her. Hope you have a good experience and notice a difference.