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I am a mother of three boys and one girl, my youngest son Walker is developmentally delayed with no diagnosis, I am divorced and re-married, living life as I never imagined. I may be cynical, but I try to see the world as it is.... no frills but plenty of laughs.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween itis

I used to be the queen of halloween! I have to say that it is my favorite holiday, if it actually is a holiday! I think it tapes into my dramatic side, the part of me that likes to stand out in a crowd, the innate need I have to be goofy and fun. The last two years were the first years that I actually didn't dress up. It was kinda sad.

Halloweens past: Snow white and the seven dwarfs, a pregnant ladybug, Jackie (a fellow employee at the bar I worked at, complete with water balloon breasts, and fake tattoos), a pumpkin, and the controversial pregnant catholic school girl , (no, i did not wear this to my children's school parade!)

With all that has been going on this week, i just wasn't in the spirit. I had a costume for Mr. Mr. but not one for Miss. Poo. My older boys were going with their father so what did it really matter? Except this morning I woke up, and as the witching hour came closer I decieded to at least dress them up and take a few pictures, and heck, why not? go to the parade.... except the parade was inside, and it was loud and hot. Mr. Mr. doesn't like loud, doesn't like hot.

But at least i got some cute pictures!

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