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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Her journey

I was recently asked if I wanted to live as long as my grandmother. She will be turning 93 this year in December. I responded that Yes I would, as long as I could live life as she has.

Up until the last few weeks, she had been active, shopping, socializing and enjoying herself. Now all that has changed. It has made me really think if I would actually like to live that long.

She was born in 1916, and what an amazing journey she has had! I think of all the things she has seen the world go through! World Wars, presdents, scandals, recessions... I can't even imagine! Sure I read about it throughout my college years, but to actually live it is another story!

Yet, now here she is, at the end of of her journey.

I wonder if the end is ever good, no matter how long its been. I want to believe that this is just the layover and the next journey will be even greater. Yet, I waver, not trully sure what to believe, not sure what to expect. So I guess the answer to the original question is Yes, because it just may take me 93 years to figure it all out!

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