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Friday, September 9, 2011

Day 22: What's in your purse?

It seems that the law of purse attraction is that whatever size purse you carry it will be full!

Not long ago I downsized to a smaller purse.  Prior I was carrying around diapers, juice boxes, pokemon cards, you name it.  I was tired of being the pack horse so by downsizing I've cut back the amount I carry and my back pain!

I'm not about name brand, or color.  Its only about functionality!  It has to zip closed, otherwise when I stop short in the car all my crap is lost on the floor!  It has to have a small compartment to put my cell phone so that I can find it in a hurry and not dig though endless receipts to answer a call.

My must haves to carry are my pocket calendar, my check book, my wallet and my oils.  I carry about ten different essential oils at any given time.  I have three little mini purses as well, one for all those dam "discount" cards, and one for my stones. Currently my purse is exploding with receipts. So many, that each time I open the darn thing they are falling out on the floor! I have to keep track of all of Mr's expenses so each receipts is saved and once a month or so I collect them all and record them.  I think I am over due!

I'm about ready to downsize even further, but there is this fear that if i have less space I am sure to forget something and when I need it I won't have it!  Maybe I should just let go and carry a wallet!  But wait, I don't always have pockets!  Dam it!

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