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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Trading down

Yes, I did it, I traded out my mommy mobile to a college junker.

This is what I traded:
Leather heated seats  for  stained cushions , manual adjustments
Power windows with child proof locks for roll ups
Sun roof for sun spots
Hard drive CD Disk player  for AM/FM cassette player
Locking key mechanism for two keys with blue duct tape on them.
Oil changes needed every 3,000 miles for possible front end repairs needed.

But its paid for, its 1/3 of the insurance cost and by September it will have paid for itself.

All I kept thinking was a Dr. Phil mantra "get what you can pay for".  So this is it....

Its a cool blue though right? Matches sweet with my dancing bears and my peace sign stickers. :O) so what if its from the year I graduated high school (now I am feeling really old!)


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laura@imnotatrophywife.com said...

good for you!!! we are working on that right now too!