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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Magic Cards

Yesterday I stopped at Rite Aid to get a few things for this horrible cold that is taking over my body.  At the counter they had a display of Easter candy and my all time weakness are those little Cadbury eggs. I just can't help myself when they come out!  The sign above them said, buy 1 get 1 free, so of course this gave me permission to indulge. (In my head of course!) As I checked out the clerk asked me, "do you have your savings card?".  I had to stop and think, and knew that this was one of the few stores that I actually did not have a savings card for. The eggs were only at that price for card members so she wanted to know if I still wanted them.  Of course this was a trick, they were already on the counter, they were already part of my 3 o'clock coffee plan for later, so "yes, I will still take them", I replied.  She gave me a card member form and suggested I fill it out because they have a lot of savings only with the card. I put it in my bag and am now staring at it on my table.

I'm a little annoyed!  I must admit.  I have tons of savings cards that I have to use on a weekly basis.  There are several for the grocery stores, one for the office supply store, the baby toy store, the cosmetic store, the pet supply store and a few others I'm not quite sure why I have.  I literally carry a small purse just for the discount cards!  This is ridiculous!  Obviously I shop at these places, why do I have to carry a "special savings card"  just to prove that I am worthy of their discounts? I understand that its marketing, and gives them the ability to save money (the stores that it) for us schmucks who still buy the Cadbury eggs at the usual price instead of the "savings card" price just because we forgot or don't have the magic card! I think I am  going to boycott the whole card thing.  My purse weighs ten pounds just from the mandatory things I have to carry that getting rid of these cards would lighten my load... a little.... unfortunately, my wallet will be lighter too.....

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