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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Them is fighting words

I don't consider myself a violent person.  I have never been in a fight my entire life.  There was a close call in high school, over some guy I suppose, but I just talked a good talk and walked quickly away (all while secretly pooping my pants) After school, I've lived a very low radar kind of life.  Its not that I am afraid of conflict, I just don't see the point in letting another person get me so upset that I would risk injury to myself in the process. Even bar-tending I had some run ins with some inebriated customers, but luckily I had the upper hand, cut them off and my other customers would kindly escort them out the door. (Don't piss of the bartender or nobody gets drinks!)

So why is there that one person who really gets my dander up?  Why? because I love him and its the closest to home.  So when I am really mad, I have violent fantasies, not necessarily to cause bodily harm but to express my anger creatively.  Here are a few of those fantasies:

Spraying fowl words on his bucket truck
Moving the entire bed outside

Selling off his guns

Egging his truck

Duct Taping the toilet seats

The ultimate revenge is best shown here, from one of the best movies!!

Don't lie, you know you all have thought about it!

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Muttering Mama said...

You're the awesomest. xoxo