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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

10 Signs its time to Wean your child

  1. while nursing she reaches across to the other breast and proceeds to "tune in Tokyo"
  2. breastfeeding support groups cancel your membership 
  3. teeth 
  4. after finishing nursing she smacks her lips and says "mmm good" 
  5. while out to eat, she orders "nursey" for her appetizer
  6. the last thing you want is someone else touching you... anywhere...
  7. your boobs are exposed so often, neighbors are giving you tips 
  8. she has figured out how to unstrap your nursing bra faster than your husband. 
  9. the glitter on your nipples is from her cherry lip gloss
  10. while nursing her at your desk, she is checking her face book page

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First time homeowners said...

Thank you for this! My 9 month old has grown somewhat indifferent to nursing, but I'm still feeling all bent about weaning. Laughing about it really really helps!