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Monday, January 3, 2011

A new mission

Thanks to the wonderful world of blogging, and a strong connection to those who think like I do, I was introduced a short while ago to another fellow blogger called  "I'm not a Trophy wife".  She actually found me, but we have been keeping track of each other on opposite sides of the coin.  Recently she blogged about a mission of making 2011 a year for 365 acts of kindness. This really struck me as such a great idea.  I like to think that I am a kind person, but making a mission to preform random acts of kindness really appeals to me in a pay it forward kind of way.  Each day I try to strive to better myself and this earth so as I drive around with Peace signs on my car I figure its about time I start truly putting my money where my mouth is!!  (Yes, I love metaphors!)

On the first day of 2011 my husband and I went out to dinner.  After our meal as we were leaving, there was a gentlemen entering the dinning room that had toilet paper stuck to his shoe. As I past by him I pointed it out to him.  It reminded me of her blog and I wondered if that is what she meant? Once I thought about it though, this didn't seem like a real act of random kindness, because this is something I would normally do.  I felt that although this was nice, in order to make a real difference in how I felt I would have to do something more... but what?

On the second day of 2011, I didn't really find an opportunity to preform another random act.  This just reinforced my idea that I would really have to try! But now I have some catching up to do!

On the third day of 2011, I went to the local gas station to get my normal afternoon cup of coffee and snack.  As I stood in line I remembered my quest and was brain storming ideas on exactly how to do a random act of kindness.  Looking around, I thought to myself that the next person in line behind me, I would offer to buy their coffee.  So I skipped the cookies, and waited patiently in line.  I was actually nervous!  I had butterflies in my stomach and began rehearsing in my head exactly what I would say to the cashier to offer this up.  As a woman with an extra large gulp soda got in line behind me, i thought that she would be a perfect candidate. Immediately, another cashier opened up and as I stood in line, I got worried that my opportunity would pass.  I didn't want to make a big show of it, so with one movement toward the closest cashier I motioned to her that I wanted to pay for this woman's soda.  The woman was stunned!  So I just quietly explained that I'm trying to do random acts of kindness for 2011.  She thanked me and left with a big smile on her face.

Can I tell  you what a rush??? My heart was racing, my palms were sweaty and I had a huge smile on my own face!  The cashier told me that it was the coolest thing she has seen and even another woman in line said how great that was.  After paying for my coffee and her big gulp, (a whole $2.87) I literally ran out the door! During my short commute back to work, I kept replaying it over and over, and finally I realized that I had just gotten high off of kindness!  How awesome is that?

Now there is no turning back,!  Not sure what else I will come up with, (i can't be buying big macs or Uggs to the people always behind me in stores) but I am on a mission. I just wonder if I will  have to keep upping my ante to get that same fix?


Muttering Mama said...

Good for you! What a great idea. You rock.

I'm Not a Trophy Wife said...

Thank you so much for the shout out and way to go. It definitely has changed my focus in a few short days. What a wonderful post.
Let's keep it going..laura