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Friday, January 7, 2011

Mrs. Fix it

The stare down

For over two months my washing machine has only operated on the hot cycle.  This is okay for the baby stuff and the towels but those of you who do more than one load a year, will know that hot is NOT good for the dark stuff!  Three weeks ago I opened my front loader to find that a red velor shirt had bleed through everything.  So now I had pink tags and poor Walker's jeans had pink thread lining them.  The other issues are that a few of my newer items had shrunk since the last time I wore them  (and I know I've added a few holiday pounds but NOT that many!!)
I found it!
So I have become one of those nagging wives.  My husband builds car engines, I figured he could easily figure this out! but figuring it out and actually doing it are two different things!

Two weeks ago, when I basically threw a fit in my kitchen, he told me to go on line and get the diagram for the machine because he wasn't familiar with how they work.  So I did.  Then I called the local appliance center to see if there was a sensor that told the machine hot or cold, that maybe needed to be replaced.  The gentleman in parts at Michael's repair center was really helpful. He explained that this machine did not have a sensor and that with the hard water that  most homes have in the area it was probably just a clogged screen.

Wednesday night after waiting, and waiting (and two glasses of Reisling) I figured "how hard could it be?" With the help of Uncle Ricky to occupy the kiddos, I went to work. So I took out my tool box (yes, I have one, and No, it's not pink!) and took apart the water hoses and the back.  It really wasn't hard, I was able to locate the intake screens and they were all clogged up, easily fixed.

Just as I was putting everything back together the hubby came home.  He laughed and said he was going to fix that tonight!  Ha! 

Clothes washer is working correctly, I know know what to do in the future, and saved myself some bucks in the long run!

Score for me!

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