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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

That dress

Today was a sad day, I brought a few of my items out of my closet to the thrift store. Normally this is not an occasion to be sad about, however today, i gave away the dress. You know which one I mean, the dress that sits in the back of your closet, that was the perfect dress. Although it may not fit anymore, you still hang on to it in hopes of slimming down, or just to have the memory of how good you felt in it! This 0utfit was a simple one. It was black (cause all perfect dresses are, hence the little black dress saying), and it was one piece that looked like two. It had long pants that had an overlay which gave the impression of a long skirt when I walked in it. The scoop neck was perfect to wear an elegant pearl or diamond necklace and the beaded trim on the sleeves gave just enough sparkle that I didn't necessarily have to wear any jewelry at all.

So why, if I have such an emotional attachment to it did I give it away? Because I have to let go of that "perfect image" which includes that much smaller dress size. The longer I hang on to it, the longer I keep looking back and putting that expectation on myself. So off to the thrift store it went, and hopefully some lucky girl will find it and see how utterly perfect it is for her New Years celebration and make her feel like a million bucks.

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~ Mama said...

Maybe it just wasn't THE dress, and you'll find that one soon and realize how much prettier it is:)