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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Lunch date

Today I met an old friend for lunch.  He was in the area and since we've been playing Words with Friends (he has totally slaughtered me each and every time) he suggested we meet up on his visit back to New York.  I agreed but must admit I was a little nervous.

Each of us remember ourselves back from school in different ways.  I also think that we are our most critical person to do so, since we knew what our insecurities and obsessions were back in the day.  I remember myself as an awkward but self absorbed girl, who floated among different clicks, was attracted to the "bad boys" and couldn't wait to get the heck out of town.  In fact, I think somewhere in my old yearbook was a quote that said something about my aspirations were anywhere but Orange County!  Yet, here I am.  Which leads me to explain my nervousness of meeting with him. He openly and honestly admits to having a crush on me, but I clearly don't remember it being that blatantly obvious. So fast forward almost twenty years (really??) and it felt more like some bad made for TV teen movie.... nerdy shy guy meets back up with girl he had a crush on to discover that she is over weight, unemployed and miserable....well that's not all true.

So as I waited a few minutes after arriving early, I ordered a glass of wine and waited, feeling extremely self conscious and a little jumpy.  But once he arrived, it was actually very nice.  He still had some shyness to him, and a quirky sense of humor that I remembered well.  And our conversation was very fluid.  We reminisced a little, but mostly is was about our children and our significant others.  It was nice to meet the grown up version of him. The food was good and I stopped after the first glass of wine since I had relaxed at that point!

We wished each other well and hoped that we could do it again.

Sorry I had to do it! :O)

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