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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Phish tales

Peace, Love and Rock and Roll!

Friday night was my very first Phish show!  For years I have heard about them as if they were some sort of "experience" to have. I missed the chance to see the Grateful Dead (Jerry's death in 1995 was right after I graduated High School)and I have always felt that I missed something. So when I heard that Phish was coming to Bethel Woods, I grabbed a few tickets to treat my friend who took me along to a few Dave Mathew shows last year!

If you don't know anything about Phish, they are considered a Jam Band, meaning that their songs and sets are more about the music and groove then anything set in stone. I love jam bands! Even if you have never heard of Phish you can still really enjoy and rock out with them!

What I also love about concerts is the people watching! It amazes me how many people from all over congregate in one place to enjoy the same thing!  I find it interesting to see the people that spend the entire show trying to dance their way to better seats, either closer to the stage or with more dancing room! They bob and weave the security guards or offer gifts to the people around them to allow them to stay.  I ended up with a glow stick necklace and my PIC (partner in crime) had bracelets.What is truly unique about this kind of crowd is the kindness and overall belief in karma! Half way through the last set my PIC realized that she had dropped her money.  Knowing it was a substantial amount we looked under the seats around where we were dancing. A young girl who had managed to find her way next to us asked me if we were looking for money, when I replied yes she immediately pulled it out of her bag saying she had found it on the ground earlier in the show. This was a testament to the good hearted people we were surrounded by all night! 

The weather was perfect, the atmosphere was happy and peaceful, and it might just be one of the best concerts I have been to!

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