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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The thick or thin of it

I have a love hate relationship with my body image.  Some days, I am "happy to be me" no matter what size I am because I believe that strong personal confidence is much more healthy on the soul than muscle mass.  But then other days i long for that skinny me, that I know is hiding in there somewhere! I have seen her in the past and I like her.  She looks super cute in hippy sundresses and skorts.  Also, the Calvin Kline jeans that I paid $60 bucks for are worth every penny on a tight ass.

Now i am not about to go on a rant about all the diets I have tried, because that would be a down out lie!  Truthfully, I have only really done one diet, Weight Watchers and it worked really, really well! The reason it works is only because it controls portion sizes, helps you eat a balanced diet and makes you track not only what you eat but your progress.  This diet (they don't want it called a diet, its really a life style) only works, and I stress, only works if you stick to program and if you are honest with yourself.

Sticking to the program is a problem when your social life centers around food like ours does.  We eat out a lot and have really gotten into the habit of bad food choices on a regular basis. (hence why I am bigger than I have ever been!) So the toughest part is getting out of those habits and creating new ones.  Its not just me that has to change its a household. 

This week i have already begun to hear the "there's nothing in the house" groans as my two tweens have searched for their perfect snack and have only found the fruit and vegetables that I purchased instead of the oreos and chips that usually fill my cabinets. 

Its only the second week so we shall see how progress goes.  I have calculated that I have to be on "program" for a full year to lose the weight that I want to lose.  I guess then it will truly be a life style change.

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