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Monday, July 19, 2010

Natural meditation

I've always been one to enjoy meditation.  I learned about ten years ago that its affects on my mind and body are immense.  The issue is that I don't always make it a priority and therefor can find everything else to do than take time out to meditate.  Who can truly enjoy solitude when there are screaming children, arguing brothers, dogs barking and lawn mowers in the yard?

As the summer months came upon us, I began keeping an eye on the wild raspberry bushes in my mother in laws yard.  Last year I was just a few days late on getting to them, just to find that mother nature ate most or the rest were molded and dropped on the ground.   So this year I was intent on getting to them at the right moment.

Last year my mother and I also took a class on making jelly and jams at the Cornell Cooperative Extension campus in town. We didn't get to use the knowledge that we acquired so I am really focused on making up some good 'ole raspberry jam! 

One week ago, my husband and I set out to his mother's house to finally pick the sacred berries.  Half way there, I realized I forgot my plastic tub.  Luckily, his mother allowed me to use the berry pot that for a few generations has been used to gather berries.  It truly is the perfect pot!  It has a handle that allows you to slip it over your arm while picking through the thorns for the delicate prize.Delicate, they are!  They will crumble in your hands with the slightest bit of pressure, and their juice will leave your hands sticky.

The process itself was what really hooked me.  It is in its own way, meditation. It is a repetitive task that allows you to be in the thick of the woods and focus just on the fruit.  I couldn't help but think as I was picking that mother nature is beautiful.  That she provides for the earth and how lucky we are to reap her rewards.  

I also could understand how people can get lost in the woods while berry picking.  You become so focused on the next pick, the perfect berry that you could lose your bearings and finally look up and see nothing but green.

Last night we returned to gather more that were not ripe last week and I must say we have quite a bounty! It was also great to be in the woods of my husband's youth and see his excitement retelling the tales of rabbit hunting and camp fires.

The next step is actually making the jam so I'll keep you posted!

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