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Friday, July 30, 2010

A Sunday Hike

In my quest to lose some weight and just become a healthier person, I talked my hubby into going for a hike in the glorious Minnawaska Moutains nearby.  Yes, i had to talk him into it, because on his day off, exercise isn't really a top priority.  The man does manual labor everyday of his life, so he doesn't really see the need to add steps on his pedometer, but he is a man who loves the woods.

We headed out not knowing exactly what to expect, it had been years since I was last there, and honestly was under the influence of some natural herbal supplements that my memories are a little foggy.  but as we headed down the trail, the beauty of this place filled me.  I don't think it matters how many times you go , it is breathtaking each time!

We walked down the path to the falls, and for a Sunday afternoon, I was surprised that more people weren't out.  Hubby reminded me that there is a lake on top, where most people would go to enjoy a hot July afternoon.  So all the better! 

With Poo on my back and daddy holding Mr. Mr. it wasn't too bad on the way down.  But we timed it all wrong and as the minute hand turned to 1:00pm, Mr. Mr. was ready for a nap.  Plus he had a full belly and with all the bumping while walking, it was starting to come up again, so we had to make our hike short and head back. 
As we headed back up the hill, and I mean, UP the hill, Mr. Mr. decided that since he had the most comfortable ride he would take it upon himself to snooze right there!
Must be nice!
Not sure what we will do in a short while since the boy keeps growing and eating!

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