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Friday, July 23, 2010

Bye to an old friend

Saying goodbye to an old friend is bitter sweet.  One one hand you feel that you are losing a part of yourself, a part of your history but on the other hand you want all the best and wish them well and happiness!

Yesterday the boys, poo and i went to see a dear friend that is moving away down south.  I was thinking a lot about our friendship over the past nine years.  We went from seeing each other everyday for four years, to only catching up with one another when major life events happen.  She is the only woman who worked with me that still actually likes me!  (see previous blog)

We have seen each other go through marriage, divorce, dis-engagement, marriage, four children a handful of jobs, graduations from college, business adventures and friends lost and gained.  She has always been someone I knew I could count on when the going got tough.  No judgment, just a strong shoulder to lean on. I hope that she feels the same about me.

As her family is packing up and sorting through what to keep and move and what to throw away, I hope that our memories and my address are not tossed.  I know that the distance will make it even harder to stay in touch, but luckily technology can keep us connected.

I wish her and her family all the best!  Good Luck, you will be missed!

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