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Thursday, June 10, 2010

There's no crying in baseball

I know that sports are a great learning experience for children, but with the close of this season of baseball fast approaching, I am ready to throw in the towel! My two older boys have been playing baseball since they could swing a bat.  Their father, was the baseball king in his high school and therefore has high hopes that one of his boys will take over his thrown. The first few years they play are great, everyone gets to play each position, parents are just happy to enjoy a good game and there is little to no pressure.  But as they get older, it becomes more competitive which in turn puts the pressure on the kids.  For my middle guy, this isn't such a big deal, if he strikes out or misses a ball he can easily shrug it off and stay in the game.  for my oldest guy, who is a type A personality, this is not the case.  He is his own worse enemy.  It breaks my heart to see him try so hard and then get so discouraged when one thing doesn't go his way. The kids on the team, are also hard on each other, and if the game is going badly, forget it!

How am I supposed to stand by and watch him just feel defeated?  I keep encouraging him, but he looks at me like I am making it worse! I know I'm just the "mom" but I want to help him up from that dark place of self doubt!  I tell him I am proud of him and that his best is all that I ask for!  But its a long ride home, with the recount of all his mistakes and not hearing one word of praise from me!  I just want him to enjoy the game again! I know this is part of the learning process... it just stinks!

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