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Friday, June 4, 2010

Doggie tails

Come on by and stay for awhile, don't mind the dog hair attached to your pants.... i can't seem to get rid of it, so I might as well make it a fashion statement.  This time of year, last year, I took the mutts to be "groomed".  Now i have nothing against those of you who do this for your dog regularly, but i have the no maintenance kind of mutts, but with one being part boarder collie, a good shave early in the season is a good idea.

This year, i couldn't quite figure out how I would get it done, with two children and two dogs who cumulatively outweigh me, I was thinking it wasn't going to get done this year... but then there was the stench. The gotta roll in whatever dead thing they find, stench.. gotta love the country dog!

Then i came across Roaming Rovers. She came right to my house and groomed the beasts.  It was GREAT! But Kawi didn't really think so,

Duke was pretty good about it, just a little whining.

The best part, there was no cleanup, she just drove off!

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