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I am a mother of three boys and one girl, my youngest son Walker is developmentally delayed with no diagnosis, I am divorced and re-married, living life as I never imagined. I may be cynical, but I try to see the world as it is.... no frills but plenty of laughs.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Think Tank

All this time I am spending with Walker in the HBOT tank has really given me time to just sit and think.  Let's face it, most moms do not get an hour a day to just do nothing.  Now, I am actually not doing nothing for that hour, I am entertaining Walker and making sure that he is comfortable and that the mask administering oxygen is staying in place, so really there is only about 10 - 15 mins here and there that I actually get to do "nothing". So what do I do?  Think.... yes, all kinds of things, yesterday I was stressing about a paper that is due for school this week and the holiday preparations that have to be done for Sunday (that's a whole other blog entirely!) by the time our hour was up, I had quit school, re - enlisted and quit again! I really don't know what I was thinking, adding more to my plate! I guess I was thinking that I needed something for me, but why didn't I get start getting pedicures or massages? So now what I am supposed to do? I am almost half way through my first course, I am half way through the HBOT sessions with Walker so really this craziness of life will settle down... right????

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