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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter Splendor

so hosting a holiday is really not my thing... there is the planning,the cooking.. the cleaning and then just having everyone in my house and not being able to go home when I want.  And did I mention cleaning???

My mother decieded that this year it would be "easier" if we all came to my house since Walker and Sawyer have so much stuff, then they could be in their own homes and feel more comfortable. Needless to say I was a little stressed (a paper being due did not really help).

I was able to get my paper done the night before and everyone really pitched in, I just had to make a ham, everyone brought everything else and it was really informal, but nice.  I am glad that we did it and the day was beautiful!!

My older boys were home, which was especially nice since its been a few years since we have had them for Easter.

No egg hunt (Mason told me he knew I was the Easter bunny because he found my stash on the top of the refrigerator) which disappoints me! They are also getting to big for Easter outfits and pictures... bummer...but even with my complaining... I'd do it again!

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