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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Head, shoulder, knees and .....

The warm weather of the past week has made me get out all of my spring and summer clothes, and do the whole seasonal clothing swap.  My dream bedroom has a closet big enough for me to leave everything in it all year round! Although that would take the surprise out of finding things that I totally forgot I have!  This year was especially exciting since last spring and summer I was in maternity clothes.  What wasn't nice was the way they fit. I decided though, that i am not going to beat myself up for my weight, because right now I just have too dam much on my plate and adding a diet would certainly put me over the edge. 

I love my long skirts!  I love sundresses too, but with nursing Sawyer those are still out of the question.  Excitedly, i washed and ironed everything and happily put on one of my favorite tie-dyed skirts from Sunshine Studios.  To my horror though, I forgot one very important piece, my toes!  I can't stand naked toes in sandals, unless they are perfectly manicured and clean.  (which my feet are never) Luckily I had the opportunity to go and get a pedicure.  
A pedicure is my idea of heaven!  Nothing is better than a warm soak and a good rub! The massage chair rocks too!

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