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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Rollercoaster night

6pm - Buy tickets for the roller coaster ride "Waiting for the husband" - stand in line for the ride... Yeah! I meet the height requirements!
6:30 - tell the boys to only set the table for three place settings... looks like he's working late
7pm- get in the very first car and click in the seat belt... check to be sure its nice and tight. avoid direct eye contact with the dingy carnie operating the ride
7:30 - bake cookies, so that they are warm and fresh when he gets home
8:00 - a steady incline up the first hill...while thinking... how long does it actually take to deliver wood?
8;30 - children are brushing their teeth.... house will soon be quiet... yeeee....down the hill we go! maybe I'll have a glass of wine and put on something sexy....
9:00 - hmm those cookies look good, i guess i'll have few while i wait
9:30 - ok, now i am pissed! heading up this incline of a ride... yet again!! check cell phone to insure that i didn't miss the call or text
10:00 - all out mad!! but screw this.. i'm going to bed.. my stomach doesn't feel so good.
10:05 - lay in bed and hit all the up and down little hills of this ride...
jerk!, what if he is in the ditch?, how inconsiderate of him not to call, it's a little icy out there... he would have at least responded to my texts by now. must be nice to do as you please!, what if he got pulled over and in jail? I must not be all that important anymore! Wouldn't you feel like crap if something is actually wrong?

10:08 - call his cell phone, it goes to voice mail..up the hill i go
10:09 - call his brothers phone... man! why am i doing this?
10:10 - friend calls, to say that he is okay, and that they saw me call.... asks if i want to talk to him
Tell him, no, if he wanted to talk to me, he would have called.
10:11 - PIssed off at self for having worried and then called
10:15 - Get off of ride.......

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