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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Mom by day... tooth fairy by night

As my children get older, some things of childhood fantasies are becoming harder and harder to hold on to.

Wife - "Babe!, Babe! Wake up, please go give Danny a dollar for his tooth that is under his pillow"
Husband - (Barely awake) "I don't have a dollar, maybe a few quarters!"
Wife- "That's fine just don't forget to grab the tooth!"

(Husband gets up with sigh, returns from child's room laughing)
Husband- "The gig is up! As I slid my hand carefully under his pillow, Danny's eyes opened and he stared right at me!"
Wife -" Oh great, well, maybe he didn't know what was going on. Let's wait to see"

(Wife goes down stairs where Danny and husband are sitting at table eating breakfast)
Danny - "Give me back my tooth!"
Husband - "I don't have your tooth"
Danny - "yes, you do! I saw you take it!"
Wife - "what's going on?"
Danny - "he took my tooth and won't give it back!"
Wife - "how do you know he took it"
Danny - "Cause I heard his knee crack and opened my eyes and he was there!"
Wife - (thinking maybe the time has come when Danny has figured out the truth, envisioning Christmas and Easter now forever changed) "Why would he take your tooth, danny?"
Danny - "Cause he is mean and doesn't want me to get the money from the tooth fairy" (Danny is now in tears)
Wife - (decieding that it is worse for him to think his step father is mean, than to have the tooth fairy dream shattered. so she take a deep breath) "I asked him to take the tooth, danny."
Danny - "But why?"
Wife -"Because I am the tooth fairy"
Danny - "You are??? How many teeth do you have?"

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Duchess said...

hee hee hee...I love it!