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Friday, April 1, 2011

My personal addiction

With spring up ahead I have begun the process of switching out my winter clothes for the spring ones.  After pulling out six different tubs of clothes from various hidden spaces in my house, I realized that I have one serious addiction.... clothes. It is definitely genetic since my mother has four closets of clothes and still has to pack away out of season stuff.

I just can't help myself!  I have some logical reasons for having multiple wardrobes.  The biggest reason is that I fluctuate between four sizes most of the time. Sizes 8 through 12.  I can't really see the point in getting rid of the clothes if I am just going to need them in a few months anyways. The other reason is just that I can't stand wearing the same outfit within a two week period. In my younger years I would spend my spare time going through my closet and creating new and fun ways to wear my clothes.  These days however, i do not have that luxury, so usually one shirt is always paired with one pair of pants and that can't be worn for another 15 days.

I honestly need a twelve step program!  I think I read that they are having one at the mall!

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