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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Small Town Perks

Last week I had two packages I had to mail out.  The first one was already printed and labeled, the second one was being returned due to a company scam , (more on that later) I wasn't exactly sure how I wanted to mail it back but knew that i wanted to be sure it got there.  The local post office up the road from me is not technically my post office.  I live in a small town that does not have its own zip code,so we borrow ours from a neighboring city. The one up the road from me, is a small town post office.  Not only is it convenient but the service is awesome.  The post master helped me pick out what shipping method, then took my invoice, photo copied it so i could keep all the information. He wished me happy holidays on my way out the door.

This really made me think about all the "little" perks I enjoy living in a small town. I can leave my children in the car when I run into the bank. When stopping for my morning cup of coffee, I leave the car on and the man at the local store places a packet of splenda on the counter for me (it's his own private stash) I went to school with the local police officer and several of the volunteer firemen.  The dog warden knows my cell phone number and the junk man comes over for dinner.

Growing up, I couldn't wait to get out of this small town.  I hated everyone knowing my business, I couldn't stand having all eyes on me.  Now as a parent, I cherish these traits. Even though the small town of my youth is fading away to bigger houses and multitude of "citi ins", there still is the small town feel.

If you see any of my children misbehaving, feel free to kick them in the butt and send them home.  I won't be offended!   

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