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Thursday, July 21, 2011

More running tales

In two weeks I will be running my first 10k race. A few years ago I got really into running and entered into several 5ks in order to keep my self motivated to train.  This time, however, my friend and I decided to kick it up a notch.  So I've been training, using an app for my ipod and slowly working my way up to about six miles.

My route for running is a little tricky since I live on a main road with no shoulder, also every where I turn there are more and more hills.  The other issue I have been facing is that my older two boys want to train with me.  This is fantastic however, they slow me down and I'm not comfortable with leaving them behind me on these busy roads. 

Yesterday I had a brilliant idea to take them and run the track at my Alma Mater. It was dusk and they have lighting so it would be safe to bring the boys as well.  However, once I got there and was on my fifth lap, i remembered clearly why I didn't do track in high school.  It was boring as hell! Nothing about running in circles to see the same thing over and over appeals to me.  By then, the boys were also pooped and bored so they took their tennis balls and hit the courts.  This gave me the opportunity to run the grounds at the school.  Luckily, there are four schools on one connected campus so I was able to get in a good run. The grounds keeper kept his watchful eye on me in case I had a can of spray paint tucked in my running shorts, but otherwise it was a peaceful run.  No dogs jumping out at me, no cars swerving because they were texting and my boys had a great time!  The other plus is that I can take my new side by side double stroller there and still get in a good run!

So no more excuses!! 

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Becca said...

Wow, good for you!! We have an elementary school directly behind our house, and it has a track, too. I've thought about attempting to run that, but you bring up a good point about boredom! At least I can watch TV on the treadmill... :-) Good luck with training!!